Vanity. SK-II Men. Arrived in Singapore.


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I can’t wait to have this. SK-II Men. Finally in Singapore.

First launched in South Korea sometime last year. And was announced to be launch globally this year. Now, it’s happening. Yay!

Watch the global film for the product launch below.

More information or maybe review once i got this one on my own hands.


Vanity. Swag Arrived.


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I’m so happy last night. The package that includes some vanity stuff arrived. I bought it online from thru as my forwarder since doesn’t ship outside US.

The swag contains got2b glued Spiking Glue by Schwarzkopf (left) and Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (right).

1. got2b glued Spiking Glue
“The ultimate wind – tunnel tested gel that gets your spike super stiff! It’s got2b glued water resistant spiking glue. Once you try it you’ll know why it’s called the #1 styling glue in the US.”

I won’t be able to use this soon since my locks is long right now. But I can’t wait to try this so i might have a haircut on the next week.

2. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
“Mint Julep Masque is the original natural home treatment to help dry up pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores. It is a refreshing facial treatment that helps relax tired muscles and ease tension lines on the face and neck.”

I’ve read rave reviews and good personal experiences from my friends so i said why not try it. So i tried this last night. After cleansing my face from my Scrubs range, i applied the masque into my face and neck area. After 15-20 minutes, the masque dried up and i saw some cracks on my face. Haha. Then i rinse it with warm water and wipe with clean cloth. And voila, my skin feels soft and smooth. Not bad.

Try it for yourself. Order now.


VANITY. No “Scrubs”


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I just like to share something personal. Vanity. Well, these are some of the facial scrubs i use on daily, twice-a-week, or once-a-week basis. From cheapo to sinful. From Oily skin to Deep Cleansing. From Watsons to Sephora.

1. Shiseido Men – Deep Cleansing Scrub
“An invigorating face scrub that eliminates roughness, blackheads, and dull surface cells with triple deep-cleansing action.”

I use this once a week  or whenever i can feel dead skin piling up on my face already. The scrubs are a bit rough on the skin so it’s not ideal to use it on daily basis.

2. Perricone MD – Nutritive Cleanser
“A facial wash that delivers anti-aging benefits by gently removing impurities, makeup and environmental pollution. It washes  away impurities without stripping skin of its natural oils.”

I use this on daily basis or at least once a day. Skin really feels soft and cleanse after use. And you can really feel the difference  instantly. This cleanser is the most expensive of the 4 though. 😦

3. Muji Men – Scrub Face Soap for Oily Skin
“Skin care series for men whose skin is susceptible to razor irritation, UV exposure or stress. No synthetic fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil.”

I use this one whenever I feel my skin really oily. As in oily to the max. Weather here in Singapore is so hot and humid so to have an oily skin is inevitable. This is my remedy.

4. Garnier Men – TurboLight Oil Control
“First anti-blackheads skin lightening scrub for men. Enriched with brightening lemon extract, it helps remove dark cells. It’s  powerful formula containing mineral clay and pore-unclogging micro-beads removes excessive oil and visibly reduces blackheads for a perfectly cleansed and cool brightening result.”

I only use Anti-Blackheads Brightening Icy Scrub from TurboLight Oil Control range of Garnier Men. This is my daily companion on facial cleasing and cheapest as well among the 4. It really prevents your face on having blackheads. Plus the “icy” feeling leaves you fresh and clean impression.

There you go. Try for yourself and be the judge.


TV: Arrow


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A new promising TV Series is coming this fall over CW. Arrow.

It stars Stephen Amell as Olivier Queen/Green Arrow, a billionaire playboy that has been missing and was presumed dead. After five years, he was found on a remote island, and the ordeal change him. He makes amends for his past but must hide what he had become. The synopsis is quite interesting but i don’t know if it will be just a one-season wonder. But i hope it will last for several seasons because Stephen is one hot guy. I don’t mind him invading my tv screen. Do you?

Watch the extended trailer below and see for yourself on what i mean… 😉




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I’m currently reading Fifty Shades of Grey, an erotic fiction novel by E.L. James. Set in Seattle that deals about the growing “sensual” relationship that features BDSM between a college student named Anatasia Steele and a young business tycoon, Christian Grey. It is so erotic that i have to deal to some body reactions while reading some of its chapters. 🙂 And as i progress, i couldn’t help thinking who could possibly portray the role of Grey if it will be translated into a Hollywood movie. Below is my own Grey list. (Nevermind their age.. haha)

1. Alexander Skarsgård
(Best known as Eric in True Blood)

Best GREY factor: The “glamour” stare and the body.

2. Ian Somerhalder
(Best known as Boone Carlyle in Lost and Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries)

Best GREY factor: The “vampire” stare and french-kissable lips. Bonus, jawline that fits perfectly as the book describes.

3. Ryan Gosling
(Best known in The Notebook and Drive)

Best GREY factor: Innocent look in the outside… wild on the inside factor. Bonus, a body you can’t resist.

4. Adam Levine
(Vocalist, Maroon 5)

Best GREY factor: Ok he’s not an actor. But as the book describes, GREY have lustful facial stubble and irrestibile charm. Just delete his tattoos and Adam will be fine to play Grey.

There you go. So what’s your Grey list?

Les Misérables

I used to read Les Misérables, as Wikipedia desribes it, it is an 1862 French novel by author Victor Hugo that is widely considered one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century. The title is variously translated from the French as The Miserable, The Wretched, The Poor Ones, The Wretched Poor, or The Victims. Beginning in 1815 and culminating in the 1832 June Rebellion, the novel follows the lives and interactions of several French characters, focusing on the struggles of ex-convict Jean Valjean and his experience of redemption. I read it for a high school project but never had a chance to finish it because it is so epic and i couldn’t contain the emotions the book have.

But Les Misérables is mostly known for it’s musical version. One of the things that piqued my curiosity is when Lea Salonga plays Eponine on its 10th anniversary run. Watch her here…

Aside from that a movie version is in the works where an all star cast are slated. Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway to play Fantine, my favorite character on the novel. Here’s the trailer…



Chris Carrabba Going Solo?

Chris Carrabba, lead vocalist of the band Dashboard Confessional released solo album with 4 covered songs entitled “Covered in the Flood”. His current tours are also in solo performances. Does this mean he is going solo for good? Hope not. But his music for this album reminds me of old school Carrabba from the Swiss Army Romance time.

The four cover songs can be download here

Last Friday

After work last friday, which is kinda tough day, me and my pinoy colleague here in Singapore decided to try Doodle! Pasta Noodle & Winebar located at 8 Sinaran Road, #02-01/02/03 Oasia Hotel, Singapore.

We find it hard to locate this place. iPhone built-in Maps app confusing us. So we decided to ask Manong Sekyu for the directions then voila!, we found it.

The cashier lady and the waitress are both Pinoys so ordering is easy peasy.

I ordered Prawn Star Pasta. They say it’s one of their signature pasta. So it’s worth a try.

Based on their flyer, Prawn star is an unadulterated rigatoni with juicy prawns smothered in a prawn tsukudani butter sauce & garnished with arugula and parmesan cheese. Instead of rigatoni i opted for spaghetti. Very Pinoy.

The drink i ordered is this…

I didn’t finished this drink. Molds are now swimming inside of it in my room. 🙂

Im not really contented with the food in this pasta joint. Nothing exceptional. Pasta is a bit soggy.

ALIGUE PASTA ANYONE? Here’s my version..

This dish is HEARTSTOPPING. Not reco to people with highblood or other heart-related diseases. Too bad for you..


Fettuccini pasta.

1. Extra VIRGIN Olive oil or butter whatever.
2. Chopped Garlic (about 1 1/2 tbsp) – i love garlic so i put as much as i can and it’s good for the heart especially for this very high in cholesterol dish.
3. Crab meat (amount depends on you) – (alternative is baby clams but the grocery doesn’t have it last night) but i think crab meat is ok bec it gives additional texture on the sauce.
4. Peeled prawns (amount depends on you)
5. I bottle of Crab Fat (aligue). Not sure of the size of the bottle but it’s not the big one, let’s call it the standard size.
6. FRESH Basil leaves – apparently there’s no FRESH basil leaves in the grocery last night, so i opted for McCormick’s DRIED version.
7. ENGLISH Parsley – don’t go for the CHINESE version. EUROPEAN’s better. This is for garnishing.
8. Lemon (Half)
9. Salt, pepper. thyme (to taste)


In a separated casserole, cook the pasta til al dente.

For the sauce.

1. Heat pan.
2. Put maybe 1 1/2 tbsp of EV Olive Oil or 1/3 of the small size butter bar. Heat the oil or melt the butter. Whichever you prefer.
3. Sauté chopped garlic. (you’ll hear sizzling sounds after, sizzles sizzles.)
4. When garlic is about to turn brown, put ingredients from number 3 -4. When everything turns orange…
5. Put the crab fat. Scrape every fat from the bottle, it’s expensive.
6. Continue to stir the sauce to avoid burning. When it starts bubbling, put fresh basil leaves. stir stir. I also put chopped parsley, la lang.
7. Squeezed the half of lemon. Para contra as lansa nag aligue. Then add salt, pepper, and thyme to taste. Then it’s done.

Put the sauce over the cooked pasta. Toss it if you want. Then garnish it will fresh parsley leaves.