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I just like to share something personal. Vanity. Well, these are some of the facial scrubs i use on daily, twice-a-week, or once-a-week basis. From cheapo to sinful. From Oily skin to Deep Cleansing. From Watsons to Sephora.

1. Shiseido Men – Deep Cleansing Scrub
“An invigorating face scrub that eliminates roughness, blackheads, and dull surface cells with triple deep-cleansing action.”

I use this once a week  or whenever i can feel dead skin piling up on my face already. The scrubs are a bit rough on the skin so it’s not ideal to use it on daily basis.

2. Perricone MD – Nutritive Cleanser
“A facial wash that delivers anti-aging benefits by gently removing impurities, makeup and environmental pollution. It washes  away impurities without stripping skin of its natural oils.”

I use this on daily basis or at least once a day. Skin really feels soft and cleanse after use. And you can really feel the difference  instantly. This cleanser is the most expensive of the 4 though. 😦

3. Muji Men – Scrub Face Soap for Oily Skin
“Skin care series for men whose skin is susceptible to razor irritation, UV exposure or stress. No synthetic fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil.”

I use this one whenever I feel my skin really oily. As in oily to the max. Weather here in Singapore is so hot and humid so to have an oily skin is inevitable. This is my remedy.

4. Garnier Men – TurboLight Oil Control
“First anti-blackheads skin lightening scrub for men. Enriched with brightening lemon extract, it helps remove dark cells. It’s  powerful formula containing mineral clay and pore-unclogging micro-beads removes excessive oil and visibly reduces blackheads for a perfectly cleansed and cool brightening result.”

I only use Anti-Blackheads Brightening Icy Scrub from TurboLight Oil Control range of Garnier Men. This is my daily companion on facial cleasing and cheapest as well among the 4. It really prevents your face on having blackheads. Plus the “icy” feeling leaves you fresh and clean impression.

There you go. Try for yourself and be the judge.