We’ll meet again soon. Will there be a difference this time? Distance separated us while time challenged what we have started. It’s hard to stretch feelings during moments of departure.

What challenges me more is I couldn’t say what I truly want to say. Words caged behind the reality. I can only speak within limit. How are you? I miss you. I always miss you. Take care. More than that is fatal. So limited. It’s hard to speak because I know someone is saying those words to you. Mine are just secondhand emotion. Words are exploding within me.

Expressing what my heart desires is sabotage. The future will be compromised and I won’t allow that. True words will push you away. It’s a mistake. It will kill my psyche. It will kill you with guilt. I’d rather keep those words unsaid in silence than say them with unforgivable regrets.


Back at Amirah’s

Last friday night, my pinay colleague Kat decided to have a decent dinner after work. We’re thinking about having pasta so we dropped by Swensen’s. While browsing the menu, we came across a picture of Lamb Chop. Suddenly, Amirah’s Grill and Restaurant came into our minds. So we went out of Swensen’s and head our way to Amirah’s.

Amirah’s is one of the best place to dine in Singapore, if you want a decent not-cheap-not-expensive meal. The taste and serving are worth every cents of your penny. It is located in No. 14 Bussorah Street, Singapore (199435). The Arab district in Singapore.

I always fancied Lamb chops. So I ordered a set meal that comes with soup (Chicken or Mushroom), Pita and Garlic Bread with Hummus and Baba Ganoush dips, main course that is the Lamb Chops, drinks, and dessert of your choice (ice cream or French Cream Caramel) for just about $30. Not bad.

So for the soup I had Mushroom Soup.

And here’s the Baba Ganoush dip with the Pitas and Garlic Bread in the background.

And i’d like to introduce you to the Star of the Night.. my all time favorite..

The Lamb Chops!!! Yum yum!!!

Oh. I love dinners. Rewarding yourself a good meal after a hard work week is always the best to welcome your weekend. See you again Amirah.


A piece of Bangkok in Singapore, that’s Porn’s. I always miss Bangkok, such a charming place. So when my Thai friend told me there’s a nice hole-in-the-wall Thai resto in Bugis, i quickly agreed to have our dinner there before we catch a Thai movie in Iluma.

And that’s when i met, Porn’s. Located in Liang Seah Street, the place somewhat resembles one of my favorite resto in Bangkok that is Somtam.

The place is cozy and very humble.

We swiftly browsed the menu and ordered 3 dishes.

On top is Chicken in Pandan Leaves served with Sweet Chilli dip, which i find the chicken already a bit sweet so i ignored the dip. The dish in the middle is Stir-minced Chicken with Basil Leaves (Kapow Gai), is a mouthful of intense flavor. Very spicy. The dish below is Kailan Leaves.. Nothing special but still good to balance the spiciness of the minced chicken.

For the drinks, i ordered Lemongrass Drink.

The place was named for no reason. Might be too suggestive for others, but it was named after its owner Pornsak Prajakwit. To give you additional trivia about the resto’s name… the wall might give you a little information..

With the success of this Thai food place.. there’s only one thing that has been proven. Sex sells.


Heard Mario Maurer is coming to Manila after he signed an endorsement deal with a local clothing brand. Oh my… this is definitely worth waiting and seeing. Oh mario!!!!

Here is Mario Maurer (left) together with another Thai hottie which is also my crush.. Dome Pakorn Lum (right).


I met some friends at Orchard Road to give something and one friend told me, Aldo is having a great sale. Well, Great Singapore Sale is going on now, so it’s a given. But still, we decided to drop by Aldo in ION Orchard. Then guess what.. i found… 

… A $35 Aldo shoes from its original sinful price of $119!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!! Not BAD. Very not bad!!!!!

i love singapore… for now.

The morning rain clouds up my window
And I can’t see at all
And even if I could it’d all be gray
But your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it’s not so bad
It’s not so bad

THANK YOU for giving me the BEST DAY of my LIFE