This dish is HEARTSTOPPING. Not reco to people with highblood or other heart-related diseases. Too bad for you..


Fettuccini pasta.

1. Extra VIRGIN Olive oil or butter whatever.
2. Chopped Garlic (about 1 1/2 tbsp) – i love garlic so i put as much as i can and it’s good for the heart especially for this very high in cholesterol dish.
3. Crab meat (amount depends on you) – (alternative is baby clams but the grocery doesn’t have it last night) but i think crab meat is ok bec it gives additional texture on the sauce.
4. Peeled prawns (amount depends on you)
5. I bottle of Crab Fat (aligue). Not sure of the size of the bottle but it’s not the big one, let’s call it the standard size.
6. FRESH Basil leaves – apparently there’s no FRESH basil leaves in the grocery last night, so i opted for McCormick’s DRIED version.
7. ENGLISH Parsley – don’t go for the CHINESE version. EUROPEAN’s better. This is for garnishing.
8. Lemon (Half)
9. Salt, pepper. thyme (to taste)


In a separated casserole, cook the pasta til al dente.

For the sauce.

1. Heat pan.
2. Put maybe 1 1/2 tbsp of EV Olive Oil or 1/3 of the small size butter bar. Heat the oil or melt the butter. Whichever you prefer.
3. Sauté chopped garlic. (you’ll hear sizzling sounds after, sizzles sizzles.)
4. When garlic is about to turn brown, put ingredients from number 3 -4. When everything turns orange…
5. Put the crab fat. Scrape every fat from the bottle, it’s expensive.
6. Continue to stir the sauce to avoid burning. When it starts bubbling, put fresh basil leaves. stir stir. I also put chopped parsley, la lang.
7. Squeezed the half of lemon. Para contra as lansa nag aligue. Then add salt, pepper, and thyme to taste. Then it’s done.

Put the sauce over the cooked pasta. Toss it if you want. Then garnish it will fresh parsley leaves.